About Us

Welcome to PICK N DELIVERE - Any Time, Any Where in Surat. Well this is not a Courier service nor an Angadia, its an E-Parcel services. PICK N DELIVERE is purely as good as pick up & drop facility of your goods. We know in our day to day activity we are short of human resource; conveyance is getting expensive as well as time consuming. We cannot waste our time simply to pick up things from place & carry it to the other. PICK N DELIVERE is here to suffice your need & simplify your day to day life.PICK N DELIVERE - is established in 2020 with an intention to give a professional door to door delivery at a go. PICK N DELIVERE intends to begin with the delivery of the parcels up to 5 KG in an around Surat City and will increase as per the demand in futureWe are highly excited to serve the city who has given us so much, taking one step further towards making Surat a Smart City. And not only this our future plan is to support make in India initiative & serve the nation with our services through the platforms of mobile app & websites. PICK N DELIVERE is readily available on Android & IOS.

Our Mission

Pick N Delivere corporate mission is “to deliver daily 1000 deliveries with an affordable rate with perfect customer orientation & services. This mission statement prescribes the business organization's main aim of becoming the best e-courier service platform company in India. This Mission empowers and support the Make in India and Smart Digital India.

Our Vision

Pick N Delivere corporate vision is “to be Surat's most customercentralized company, where customers can input Pick & Drop location and deliver their parcel in one step with Mobile Application and in future from website also” our VISION is to not just build a business but to build Enduring and close ties with our customers while offering them the best service.