1. Do I need to place a minimum number of orders per month ?

No there is no minimum You can just make one Order a year

2 . How can I book a delivery ?

U can go to our pickndelivere app and do your bookings

3 . How early should I book a courier ?

U need to book before 1 hour to get express delivery and before 3 hours to get simple delivery

4 . How do I know that courier is from pickndelivere and not from some one else ?

Delivery boy will contact you before arriving at the address and moreover he would be wearing a pickndelivere T-shirt in addition to that u would be receiving timely SMS from PND company till the order is completed

5 . Do u pack the goods ?

Parcel would be delivered in the same packing they were collected in our delivery partner will just seal it with PND tape

6 . If I have an urgent Order what shall I do ?

U can book a express delivery for urgent orders

7 . Can I cancel or change mine Order?

U can cancel the order until any of your delivery boy accepts your order once the order is accepted you can not cancel the order For changing the order u have to first cancel the order and place the new order

8 . How long will it take to accept mine order?

Our system will find the nearest delivery partner for you it might take maximum of 5 to 10 minutes and if no one is available our system will ask u to book the order later

9 . How do I know if mine parcel has been delivered?

You will receive a text message or email once the parcel is delivered and the recipient will also receive a notification for the same

10 . What if I want to send multiple parcels at a time ?

At this point of time we aren’t providing that facility so u need to book the orders separately